Monday, December 8, 2008

Message From Leonore Foster about Greenwood Park Construction

Dear Greenwood Park Resident:

The developer of the section of the subdivision located at the end of Greenwood Park Drive and St. Martha Street is requesting a temporary alternative haul route to the one laid out in the subdivision agreement signed with the City. The attached pdf file illustrates the haul route agreed to in the subdivision agreement as well as the requested new short term haul route. The purpose of the request is to bring gravel to the project which will be stockpiled for use during construction. The request is for a two-day window to bring in the gravel. The number of trucks per day is estimated to be 100.

During the construction of the various phases of Greenwood Park there have been complaints from property owners about the trucks in the subdivision. Unfortunately, home owners locating within a growth area will experience some disruption until the properties are all built. But, because of residents' concerns, the City requested a specific haul route in the subdivision agreement to reduce truck traffic on roads that had already received a top lift of asphalt. The two days of truck traffic that have been requested should not damage the road, however, it is expected that because the neighbourhood has been accustomed to the elimination of truck traffic, this two-day request could result in concerns and complaints.

As the District Councillor, the City is asking for my input on this request, but I think residents should play a part in what happens in their neighbourhood. It is not the municipality's responsibility to provide an alternative haul route to the developer, but the developer's desire to continue working in the current weather conditions and their attempt to improve productivity is understandable.

Please let your neighbours know as I may not have their email address, and please give me your feed-back ASAP on whether you approve the alternative two-day haul route involving 100 trucks per day. On the assumption that I will receive replies, the majority decision will rule.


PS. CLICK HERE to see the Subdivision Plan and alternate truck route

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fall Colours in Greenwood Park

The leaves are falling fast, and taking their colours with them. Here are a few pictures taken today along the Greenwood Park walking path which runs West behind Bluffwood and then turns South.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Local Walk by the Cataraqui River

My wife and I love to walk. We really enjoy the new walking paths in Greenwood Park and we are constantly looking for new paths, especially paths that are close to home. We found a pretty little trail that you can add to your daily walk if you continue to Lasalle High School and cross highway 15. There is an access point beside the gas station exit (you can also access the trail from Limeridge drive). The trail runs beside a small creek to the Cataraqui River.

It is worth the trip; the view is beautiful and the trail is surprisingly tranquil and secluded.

The photo above was taken by the river in the summer of 2007. The fall colors change the mood in this photo taken October 2008 (below).

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Third Bridge, To Nowhere?

Are we ever going to get the third bridge across the Cataraqui River?

According to Kingston City Councilor Vicki Schmolka, “it doesn’t make sense to allow a $50 million bridge to an area with 13,000 residents.” Yet, it makes sense to spend $20 million on a 50 meter pool?

The Lasalle Causeway is a major bottleneck and handles 24,000 vehicle trips per day. How many people in Kingston require a 50-meter pool every day, instead of the proposed new 25-meter pool? Could it be 50 people? Let me be generous and estimate that 100 athletes in Kingston might need an olympic sized pool every day. This makes the 50-meter pool about 100 times more expensive than the bridge on a per use basis. Yet the pool is being pushed forward while the bridge is being held back.

The bridge is long overdue by any measure, and should be one of the city's highest priorities. This is not a Bridge to Nowhere. It is a bridge to 13,000 citizens who deserve better access to the city that takes our tax dollars, and it is a bridge to the future prosperity of the region.